I create out of love, curiosity, and a live examined. This, like dishes and equal rights, is a job never done. I hope to die mid-project knowing that, ultimately, the reality I co-create as an artist is the greatest art and through participation in creating our reality,  we become one with our higher power.
This page may be subject to change and may get longer before it gets shorter.
Reading: a book called Etsy-preneurship

WIP: Mission Statement

Karen Ann Scofield is focal bead and mixed media creative who lives in SE Wisconsin, USA. She paints in acrylics and watermedia or sculpts Goddess pendants and OOAK (One of a Kind) art dolls from polymer and ceramic clays, fabrics, and resins. Karen is an abuse survivor for whom art is a truly magickal antidote to the ills of the soul-dead financialism and imbalance of voice and power that litters today’s world with rage and rampage. Where there once was fear and heartache in her life, Karen now creates in the spirit of joy through a symphony of color, shape, texture, and meaning.

“There are two kinds of light – the glow that illuminates, and the glare that obscures.” – James Thurber


Financialism places maximum profit above all else, to the point of  intrinsic, insidious sabotage. Its nature is heartless and predatory; its constant broadcast is “the glare that obscures,” the corporate world is its cult and, as our mainstream, the drink in which we swim. Magick makes reality according to will, purpose, and vision and can do so from the heart. For Karen, that involves exploring the many forms of the feminine divine and mystique, something curiously at once ubiquitous and niche.

Stepping into her art studio, Karen, like many artists, has a sense of giving birth to herself every day through her art. An artist is their greatest work of art and so while Karen’s staple will always and forever involve creating Goddess pendants, she refuses to let the pressure of branding slam her as a square peg into a round hole. She chooses to grow and explore. She insists that part of her, her spirit song, what she was put on this earth to do, always remains wild and free. Receptive, listening, watching, creating. She melds different artistic disciplines and styles together, letting them percolate her day.

My Results From the Levo app regarding thinking talents.

The Levo app illustrates my thinking skills and what I need to work on, through, or around.

As you can see, it picks up on my autism-related deficiencies/differences/advantages. My relational quadrant is seemingly empty, but then the underlying social constructs de rigueur favor charming extroverts, the more gregarious a la neurotypical fashion the better (a deep and contested notion all around). If there were any weakness of this app, it is that … and yet there are some pointers “relational” offered. Unfortunately, this test may not pick up on social and communication alternatives that aren’t the norm or the usual.

Rethinking Introverts

“6 Reason Why You Should Apprentice Introverts” — http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marsha-pinto/introvert-traits_b_3794733.html

“Top 10 Advantages of Introverts” — http://www.lifehack.org/articles/communication/top-10-advantages-of-introvert.html

From: “Benefits of Hiring People With Autism” http://www.certifiedautismspecialist.com/benefits-of-hiring-people-with-autism/

4 Benefits of Hiring Adults with Autism:

  1. Intense focus comes naturally.  Intensity can be an asset that helps them focus on the task at hand.
  2. They work when nobody is watching. Focus and commitment can make an autistic individual a model employee.
  3. Individuals with autism can bring enormous creativity. Autistic minds are wired differently, and imaginations can be extreme. Managers should take advantage of this when looking for creative ideas or new ways to solve problems. If they give autistic team members opportunities to share their ideas, those ideas can lead to brilliant new concepts.
  4. Passion leads to productivity. Because individuals with autism usually have intense, specific interests, the best jobs are those that allow them to be involved with those interests. An employee who is perfectly suited to a position because of a passion results in a win-win situation. He will love working in his area of extensive knowledge and be hyper-focused and productive. Not only should employers be aware of their employees’ strengths, they should also learn about some of their challenges, and how to accommodate them for better productivity.

That’s incredibly true for me, meaning I can research and work on a project for 16 or more hours a day without mental fatigue and it can be difficult to get me away from it, although I do take mini breaks to stay my sharpest. Sense, however, persuades me to take care of myself and my to-do lists because we all need balance.













And Now How I Initially Wrote My “About Me”

Intense. Playful. Sharing.

I design and pure sculpt figurative beads or art dolls in polymer or earthenware ceramic clay, make my own pendant prototypes and molds, whip together spirit dolls, art journal, do fine art paintings, create mixed media mosaics, and occasionally experience bouts of fabric arts (cotton, Kraft-tex, fabric paper).

My first two art dolls were juried into the Lemon Street Art Gallery (Wiiiiisconsin!) in 2005. Some of my hand sculpted polymer clay beads appear in the book Polymer Artists Showcase, by Tejae Floyde. Are you yawning?

What’s here for you?

I dive in deep and so have informative pages about art that can enable you as an artist or maybe surprise you at times. My blog pages reflect my intense, playful nature that leads me to intermittently research art mediums/techniques N, S, E, W, and outside the box for years on end so that I can readily dip my hands into multiple art mediums and play, sometimes exactingly and sometimes experimentally. Apparently, it’s my nature to take things art further and I have no qualms about expanding and correcting my pages as new products or information comes along. Making art stirs up a deep-seated sense of awe, a child’s sense of wonder, a well-seasoned intellectual curiosity, and the sense that creation is a spiritual experience. (Despite a decades-long hiatus from art.) Ideas for art constantly fly into my head, I keep notes, and days are never long enough.

I’d like to share some of that with you and if you enjoy any of it, that makes me happy.

Did you know, I had absolutely no idea I could sculpt until I was in my mid to late 40s? It turns out that my dominant intelligence is spatial, helpful in sculpting. Ah, that explains a lot. It taught me not to think, “I can’t do that.” I’m still learning about myself in my 50s.

I used to be an Anatomical Pathology Assistant (autopsy-lab tech) (mwaha-ha-ha, thunderclap) involved in lab work and in state and federal forensic, infectious disease, clinical, and pediatric autopsies. You know what they asked me in my job interview? Am I squeamish, because some of the cases might come in in buckets? Didn’t scare me off. Aaaanyway, anatomical knowledge is highly transferable to sculpting art dolls… and work sure is a lot prettier now! I may have that hungry academic side to me, and learning along with the Pathology residents, being contracted with a teaching university and all, was anything but boring but I’m an artist at heart. I now voraciously read about art and archaeology. (One of my favorite sites for that, since I sculpt Goddess pendants, is http://www.suppressedhistories.net/. I have a nice collection of Goddess/female images on Pinterest too.)

I’m socially awkward (autistic) and do best with kind but exquisitely forward people who don’t infer or beat around the bush so if you talk with me, just say what you mean/feel yet remain respectful. (Hint: I love pluralism, eclecticism, constructive criticism, and civil rights. I’m incredibly tolerant up to the point of intolerance, brainwashing, purposefully burdensome learned helplessness/ignorance, and other stupid toxic people tricks.)

Notice: My work and photos of it are copyrighted, all rights reserved — do not use any of them without my written and explicit permission.

Contact Information: sari 000 9 @ yahoo . com (remove spaces to have the working e-mail address).

And now some of my favorite art supplies and stuff, but first…

Watermedia Warning: I’m an unabashed Cretacolor, Liquitex, Golden, and Da vinci acrylics fan.


Favorite Clays:

Ceramic — Earthenware, Raku
Polymer Clay — Cernit, Fimo Doll/Professional, Kato, Pardo, Premo, Sculpey UltraLight for under structures/armature
Air Dry Clay — La doll Premier, Creative PaperClay, Professional Cold Porcelain
Apoxie Sculpt

Favorite Artist Grade Paints:

Winsor & Newton Watercolors
Golden Acrylics — Fluid Acrylics, Heavy Body
Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics
Liquitex — Soft Body, Heavy Body, spray cans, Basics

Favorite Acrylic Craft Paints (Art Journaling):

Delta Ceramcoat
Jo Sonja

Favorite Watermedia Pencils and Water-Soluble Oil Pastels, in Order of Preference:

Cretacolor (artist grade) — AquaMonoliths, AquaStics, AquaBricks
Albrecht Dürer Watercolor Pencils
Caran d’Ache Neocolor II Artists’ Crayons (not as lightfast as Cretacolor, across the board)
Inktense Pencils (not very lightfast across the board, some colors are wsy more levels lightfast than others)

Note: In any fine art, I only use water-soluble oil products on top of acrylics or watercolors, for final finishing touches.

Favorite Opaque Markers and Pens for Art Journaling:

Uni Posca Paint Pens (very opaque but remain water-soluble — I judiciously seal them with 3 layers of Krylon matte spray sealant)
Sakura Gelly Roll Pens (no sealant needed)
Sakura Pigma Micron Pens (permanent, can watercolor and paint over them)

Favorite Sketching Pencils and Powders:

Cretacolor — Artist sketching pastel pencils, carre hard pastels, sketching leads and holders, sketching powders.
Pitt Pastel pencils
Prismscolor sketching pencils
Unison Soft Pastel Red Earth 10

Favorite Papers:

Canson, Strathmore 400 or 500 series, Canva-Paper, Stonehenge, Fabriano Soft Watercolor Paper, Yupo

Favorite Art Boards:

Ampersand (especially their Aquabord)
Fredix Archival Watercolor panels

Favorite Illustration Boards:


Favorite Canvas:

Fredrix — Watercolor Canvas and their canvas for acrylics, but especially their watercolor canvas

Favorite Canvas Pads:

Fredrix — Regular and Watercolor
Canva-Paper (love the stuff!)
Strathmore Acrylic

Favorite Mix Media Pads:

Canson XL Mix Media (for art journaling)
Stathmore (400 series, spiral-bound)

Favorite Gesso:

Liquitex (not Basics!)
Winsor & Newton
Martin F. Weber Prima — 2 layers for art journaling and three to five layers on DIY art boards — lovely matte eggshell-smooth texture great for drawing and painting

Favorite Fixatives:

Krylon — Regular Matte Finish, Workable Fixatif, or UV Resistant Clear Matte
Lascaux UV Protect 2 or 3 (more expensive but museum quality)
Blair Very Low Odor Spray Fix
Plaid Patricia Nimrocks Clear Acrylic Sealer Matte — for crafts only

Favorite Colored Pencils:

I can’t afford those! Nevermind. Sigh.

I did unwittingly get Prismacolor pencils from after their factories moved to Mexico and too many leads fall out of the pencils or break. Grrr.

I’m not so much in love with colored pencils, presently.

Favorite Fabrics:

Quilting cottons

Favorite Thread:

Carpet thread
Strong quality cotton threads
Silky threads

Favorite Languages:

English, French, German, Swedish, Dutch, Norwegian, Punjabi, Spanish, and Italian.

Favorite Cuisines in Order of General Preference:

Punjabi, Chinese, Mexican, Greek, Estonian, French, American.


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    • Two of my glazed ceramic figurative Goddess pendants are at Red Roses Bead Haven, a bead shop in Kenosha, WI. Liz, the shop owner, is pretty good about posting on her Facebook page when she’ll be open and I would check it before driving up here. If you’d like to see more of my pendants (polymer clay or ceramic), just let us know and then we can see what we can work out.

      Thanks for your interest!


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