Incels: Weaponizing Whiny Neoteny (Immaturity) and Toxic Masculinity

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Incel Definition — An intellectually lazy, mean-spirited, myopic, frequently misogynistic, and wholely deceitful identity for the self-described “involuntarily celibate.”

Before we go any farther, some clarity to set the tone — while singular elements to toxic masculinity are all too common in today’s society, and we need to discuss that, it doesn’t make sense to throw all men into any one category. The worst of all those elements don’t congeal into ‘a thing’ in all men. Yet male privilege is a problem in society and toxic masculinity expressed through The Pathway to Violence (Grievance, Violent Ideation, Preparation, Probing & Breaches, and The Attack) does crop up in some. Also, men don’t lose their equality if women gain theirs. Let’s get back to the topic of incels and recent murderous attacks on the public.

Self-described Incels are bent on labeling people, themselves and others, across poorly constructed divides, as opposed to recognizing phenomena or issues and doing something perhaps constructive about them. Instead, a group focus lays misplaced blame on others — total strangers may be targeted without prior face-to-face explanation or a chance for any meaningful interchanges that could possibly challence Incel world views.

Incels are incredibly fearful of the type of trial and error that envisions a positive outcome at some point in the future. Instead, they may reach for sure fire weapons, pun intended, to wound and kill others.

Therefore, the Incel identity is at a higher risk of becoming weaponized. Incel groups are at extremely high risk of weaponizing neotenized, hateful, blaming, deceitful, anti-intellectualism.

Many of these traits or habits and their causal thinking errors are all too ubiquitous in society today. Think on this:

the most reliable indicator of whether or not there is violence inside a country, or whether it will use military violence against another country, is not poverty or access to natural resources or religion or even degree of democracy. It’s violence against females.” — from “Gloria Steinem’s new show links global instability to violence against women: “For the first time there are fewer females on earth than males

See: Learned helplessness, thinking errors, addictive divisiveness, ”the pathway to violence,” the victim stance many victimizers also have.

For further reading on the public attacks by angry males in relation to discussing, and hopefully solving toxic masculinity —

3 thoughts on “Incels: Weaponizing Whiny Neoteny (Immaturity) and Toxic Masculinity

  1. I kinda wish I could go back to never having heard the term ‘incel’.
    Although there was a funny incident with an incel in my local town (it was the first time I even heard the term). It was a college student who’d been getting really angry that women were rejecting him all the time, and he was a bit of a psycho so he followed a woman he liked late at night and jumped her whilst wearing a balaclava. He apparently hit her in the face and then just groped her breasts. Well the awesome twist was that 3 of her friends saw what happened from their dorm room window, through sheer luck, and ran outside to help her. When they got to him, he got angry and started attacking all of them, so they fought back and the 4 of them basically kicked the crap out of him (and pulled his balaclava off to identify him).
    I thought that was brilliant. Sexist dude resorts to one of the only ways he thinks he’ll get a woman, and still ends up with some serious rejection. Those women became feminist folk heroes in our town! Lol.


    • While I’m glad they defended her and themselves, my hope is that more people ingrain in kids to be accountable, do regular reality checks, and get help when they need it. That’d be much better than people living their labels. Sigh.


      • I totally agree. It shouldn’t be up to women to solve these issues. The men should be brought up better so they’re prevented from being like that to start with.
        But I think given that we don’t live in a perfect world, it’s good when women know how to defend themselves against sexist scumbags like this guy. From the sounds of it, they gave him such a good ass-kicking that he probably never considered that behaviour again. Once they’d fought him off, they apparently kicked him where it hurts to incapacitate him. I would hope that might teach him a lesson about not taking women for granted.


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