Strengthening Art Doll Armatures — Apoxie Sculpt vs. Soldering

I got the Creager Studio DVDs, all three of them, and the Creagers clearly favor soldering a metal tube and rod armature system for standing dolls. Well, I can’t have them all sitting or laying down, can I?

I have noted that some very successful and respected art doll artists have used Apoxie Sculpt, not Magic Sculp(t) (the proper name is without the “t” but many add it), but Apoxie Sculpt to “weld’ armature parts together, adding strength and stability. Customers are not complaining of broken dolls. Everyone’s happy.

To get all the soldering stuff together, well, I haven’t managed to do that and I’ve been trying to for several years, but health care costs (that aren’t going to go away no matter how good and deserving I am) and taking care of grandchildren instead of working for a paycheck have made the last things needed for soldering financially prohibitive.

I got the solder, the micro torch with the right abilities, and the butane. I still need the Miter Box and Saw Set, Solderite Pad and Tools, the soldering flux (gel) that one can use on brass, the brass tubes and rods, the metal tube cutter, and three types of pliars, including lineman’s pliars to bend metal tubes.

I need to make money to be able to afford that but other stuff takes priority. Like having the electricity stay on and going to the doctor, a must since I’m on medicine for life, no way out of it. The one way I have a chance of making enough money is to make art dolls. (Or draw and paint. But I’m probably better at sculpting and have a steeper learning curve in that art form.) Catch 22. Hmmmmm. So I’m going to start making art dolls and I’ll use Apoxie Sculpt when necessary, in the ways that are best.

Then, If I have enough to keep me in lviing quarters, food, eyeglasses, doctor’s visits, medicines, and so on, then I’ll get the rest of the soldering stuff. That appears to be the best path for me. Yup.


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