Heat + Kraft-tex + Water-Soluble Oil Pastels (Cretacolor AquaStics or Neocolor IIs) + Colored Pencils?

While I prep a few more art journals with gesso, I was thinking … you can heat glossy ceramic tiles, that’s what many bake their polymer clay on at temperatures from 230 to a touch over 300 degrees F, and you can iron Kraft-tex (a commercially made cloth fabric or fabric paper) at even the highest setting, so …

What if I created a Kraft-tex cover with handles (!) for a white, glossy ceramic tile and then slipped the heated, covered tile under art papers or art journal pages so that I could better manipulate, in areas, a combination of water-soluble oil pastels and colored pencils? Of course, I’m thinking of doing this with areas on larger art journal pages, specifically, and only on the right-hand page since I’d fill an art journal left to right. Or I could place papers on heated tiles, create art, cool, cut the papers, and collage in an art journal or on a canvas. The idea is that electic heating pads are bumpy, rice-filled heating bags would be like trying to draw on a small waterbed, MDF boards aren’t a prime candidate to place over them since they contain chemicals that may not be suitable for heating up and holding inches away from your face, but a carefully heated, covered tile might bypass numberous problems. Using a thermometer might be wise and I think I’d want to get it to 130 to 140, careful not to get burned of course. It’d be super awesome if the covered tile could be heated in a microwave. This could be very awesome.

For an idea of why that combination of materials and heat is attractive, you might see the videos on this youtube page, one that belongs to the inventor of the Icarus Board. She pushes the boundaries of materials with her invention. Quite impressive.

If it works, I’ll definitely get back to you on that and update this page. I’d have to keep the thing clean, avoid burns, and make it work. Hmmm…. It might be a while before I report back on this.