Art Dolls vs. Spirit Dolls

To Learn About “Dolls” As Figurative Fine Art or as Decorative, Meaningful Spirit Dolls, See:

About Art Dolls:

About Spirit Dolls:

Art Dolls

Professionally speaking, Art Dolls are works of fine art that aren’t created to be played with and that don’t use any commercial molds in the process of their creation. They can take a week to a month or more of full-time and often overtime work to create and are sold for anywhere from a bit over 100 US dollars to several thousand US dollars each if made by highly skilled, better known artists.

Altering what you make using commercial molds means you used a commercial mold and therefore any work made with that isn’t an art doll in any professional sense. Those creations belong to different categories of doll.

Note: The array of industry-recognized, doll related categories and their titles are covered in the first link, above.

Spirit Dolls

Spirit dolls can embody or symbolize things and may or may not employ commercial molds in their creation. They may or may not be considered fine works of art. They may touch or depict human and animal spiritual natures in some way. The spiritual natures of people, places, animals and things can be interpreted through the lens of an array of world views and religions.


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