Review: Canson Foundation Canva-Paper

This Canva-Paper took a lot of rough treatment, layers of paint, and barely, and I mean barely, buckled. It didn’t degrade or tear either.

Here’s what I did so far. I took a 12 x 16″ sheet of this Canva-Paper, taped it down with Frogtape Delicate Surface Painter’s Tape, and put down layers of Liquitex Basics acrylic paint (one of the best student grade acrylics paints out there), rubbed some off, laid down textures within the paint with the lovely Princeton Catalyst Blades (silicone blades are fun!), put down more layers of acrylic paint, rubbed off paint here and there, and added more layers of paint. I finally added some Liquitex Clear Gesso (which is kind of gritty) and then sanded the surface. And all of that on paper. Wow.

…Later, I did even more to this paper and it still stood up to all the treatments I did (more layers, more wiping, more sanding). I should have started working on this paper instead of trying to use cheap student canvas (paper) boards!

I’m going to try using Cretacolor leads on this in “aux quatre crayons” (white, black, brown, earthy red) or “aux trois crayons” (using just three of those colors) sketching style. I can do this with confidence because the buckling was so minimal.

I got my Canva-Paper pads at our local Michael’s craft store during a two-for-one sale, very happy with it, but wish they sold 18 x 24″ pads there.

Side Note: I hyperlink to product pages simply because they offer some of the best information on and classification of products (artist grade vs. student grade, oil based or water based) I’ve seen, plus you get to read reviews and maybe even see how people used the products…or weren’t able to. I’m not affiliated with in any way at this time.