18"x18" Acrylic Study for 4th Painting, an Anthropomorphized Sun, by Karen A. Scofield

Anthropomorphized Sun, a Study in Acrylics

Acrylics, 18 x 18

Acrylics, 18 x 18″ study for my 4th painting. Copyrighted by Karen A. Scofield 2014.

18 x 18

18 x 18″ study done in acrylics before I paint my 4th painting. Mono filter was used for this shot.

Heavy body acrylics on Canson XL Mixed Media paper. 18 x 18″. The final painting, my fourth, will be on the same sized canvas. Copyrighted by Karen A. Scofield 2014, all rights reserved.

I drew in pencil first, then coated it with clear gesso, coated both sides with gesso, then started laying down layers of paint until I was happy with it. The paint is put on in very thin layers. The sun rays, flowers and leaves took much longer than the face. They took weeks (?) but I did the face in two days while babysitting the grandson (he’s 1 and a half). I do it when he naps, sits on the floor with his crayons and paper…

It was killing me not to paint and the excuses stopped and, well, if you really want to do something, you find a way that works for you. It’s taken me years to be able to get into creative mode as soon as I sit down at my art table. I’m thinking about art much of the day and already have what I’m going to do planned. I also experiment a bit as I go so I can learn. It’s a fun tug-of-war between planning and trying something that just occurred to me.


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