Mixed Media Anthropomorphized Sun Face


Anthropomorphized Sun Face. It’s not meant to be perfect, it’s meant to cheer me up while sick with a cold in the deepest cold of winter. Real Feel temperature is -30F and falling.

Mixed media — started with acrylics and then colored pencils, soft pastels, matte medium, oil pastels, and finally water-soluble Cretacolor AquaStics (including a metallic “copper” one).

Adding the Aquastics really added dimension and “glow;” I simply didn’t add too much water so as to avoid a streaky look while layering them over colored pencil and Pentel Oil Pastels. I find Cretacolor AquaStics (from Austria) add impact of color and “glow” more than Neocolor IIs do and that Neocolor IIs can even look chalky with some colors when laid down on top acrylics or what have you. Cretacolor AquaStics are also, across the board, more lightfast than Neocolor IIs are. rebeccajfleming.wordpress.com/2012/09/09/art-supply-compa… That’s not well known, however, due to Neocolor II’s popularity with the art journal crowd. Copyrighted. #Cretacolor


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