Xanga Lost My Blog of About 10 years


I was rather prolific. Many entries on art were researched for years and some of them had about 40 hours or more put into them. It’s been about a week . . . I haven’t been able to sign in because it says my username is invalid. It will let me reset my password for that username, which I did twice, but it keeps on saying my username is invalid after that, right after they tell me to sign in with the new password. How can that be??? That means I can’t access my archives. I also can’t see my blog if I’m not logged in, although my username sari0009 still comes up in relation to xanga on google searches — because I blogged there for 10 years. Way to go, Xanga.

And you want me to pay $48 dollars for a year of xanga after this? You want me to sign up for this very expensive xanga 2.0 that you warned no one about in any email? No email went out to warn users. Well geniuses, how do I sign up for xanga 2.0 if my username is invalid? If your system let me pay $48 dollars for xanga 2.0, which is steep, would my password remain invalid? I mean, you’ve already destroyed trust on several counts — the lack of advanced warning that this was going to happen, the loss of blogs, usernames that are now invalid . . .

So, I tried to comment and email xanga. My comments on their blog entry at http://thexangateam.xanga.com/2013/09/05/were-working-to-make-2-million-blog-archive-backups-available-for-free-download-asap remain in “waiting for moderation” limbo. Is that because my username is invalid? Let’s see if they answer my email or whether my blog of 10 years is just inaccessible forever. If it is, why did they save my archives and why no warning of all this xanga 2.0 mess? They did not notify users in any way that users were sure to see.

Teaches me for going on vacation, huh?

I hope xanga fixes this.

Afternote: I don’t want to pay money to a company like this, not even to get my blog back.  It’s a lack of trust issue.


10 thoughts on “Xanga Lost My Blog of About 10 years

    • Yeah, I didn’t know. I suppose they blogged about it somewhere but I didn’t see that blog and wasn’t on xanga for a while due to summer vacation and all. What they should have done is they should have send out an email to all regarding what the changes were and when they’d occur.


      • From the first time they made the announcement at the end of May about shutting down or upgrading, numerous people have asked them to send out a mass message which they never did. Not everyone reads the front page so they should have contacted each user.


      • I’m very sorry to hear about all the trouble you’ve been having. Just want to check though, the archives you’ve downloaded will be on your computer in a ZIP folder. You need to extract them first, this will give you XML files that you’ll have to import individually. Make sure that you choose the WordPress option aswell. If you have done this of course and it still doesn’t work, I can’t give much else advise. You won’t get very far with Xanga at this time… hell.. I and a few others have been trying to basically answer the hundreds of questions in the help forum that have no idea what’s going on.


  1. I am so sorry this happened to you and hope they get it straightened out.
    I had several years of premium paid up and when they announced their big drama need money announcement I asked about my premium and they said I would have to pay another $48 dollars for the new xanga. That is when I left.
    I like word press and it does take some time to adjust too but the benefits are much better for me than Xanga was.
    I can buy extra space at a reasonable price for my photos and other things like an ad free blog at a yearly price, and not have to buy a years membership.
    I was on Xanga for over 8 years with a couple of different names. Was grannys_place and name is Ruth.
    Nice to meet you.


    • Nice to meet you. I haven’t had any reply from them either on their blog or via email. I would say they found another way to destroy trust, making bloggers who already paid have to pay all over again just because they have xanga 2.0.

      Luckily, I have some back ups from about 2 years ago, they just don’t cover everything, newer blogs, or updates to older blogs. Sigh. Oh well.


  2. That royally sucks what happened to you. The only help I can offer is to ask whether you had more than 1 or 2 subscribers/friends? I lost a pair of writing blogs because they were just for me and I didn’t realize that the Xanga Team wouldn’t archive blog without more than 3+ subscribers. I had backups so it didn’t hurt too much, but it sounds like you were hosed. It also sounds like you may not have been the only one.


    • Not sure how many friends or subscribers I had left after a purge. I’m on the autism spectrum, didn’t have a lot of friends and subscribers in the first place. Also, I recently cleaned out a number of friends and subscribers, not all of them, because someone stalked my xanga blog, stole pictures off of it, and used the pictures in their own online stuff. This toxic unit that had known one of my daughters and had been cut off. Long story.

      Anyway, I’m going to get help from my husband to see if I can’t make the archive files xanga provided actually work. They took a second or two to download so I’ skeptical that I’ll get nearly 10 years of blogging from unzipping them and alll.

      To say that the xanga people handled this change of theirs very poorly is an understatement. They should have sent out emails. I truly had no idea.


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