My first full body sculpt, by Karen A. Scofield, in UltraLight Sculpey Polymer Clay.

Sculpey UltraLight Polymer Clay: My first attempt at a full body sculpt

Sculpey UltraLight Polymer Clay: My first attempt at a full body sculpt

I sculpted this WIP in 2007. Before that, I had tried to sculpt a few things (face cabs, hands, feet, runes) in clay first (my first dolls were more assemblage style) in 2005 to 2007. Only after that did I try to sculpt a whole figure and only then did it sink it that I could really do this. Before I was 45, I had no idea I could sculpt. I didn’t really try after doing those coil pots in grade school. I wish I hadn’t waited to find out I had a talent I could develop.

Because no commercial molds were used, this is called a “pure sculpt.”

It remains a WIP (work in progress) but I learned a lot. People don’t usually sculpt in Sculpey Ultralight — It’s marshmallow soft once conditioned, doesn’t blend well (was hard to add on to), and each bake makes the older portions brown more (yes, when baking according to manufacturer’s instructions). It also is a good idea to stop and check if your limbs are proportionate to each other. It also helps to have an entire model or better reference materials instead of having one pose only for the arms and legs.

I got some reference materials and actual doll clay now…


6 thoughts on “Sculpey UltraLight Polymer Clay: My first attempt at a full body sculpt

  1. Nice work, especially for your first time! Did you cover your clay while baking it? I have never used the ultra light clay, but I usually tent my lighter colors of polymer clay when baking them to prevent burning.

    I’m am currently working on sculpting an Alice in Wonderland piece. Alice will be riding the white Rabbit. It will be a first human form for me as well. I plan to use Premo Sculpey. I will probably be posting pics in next few days.


    • Hi and thanks! I baked her in a covered metal pizza pan, the kind that has hole in the bottom. I put waxed paper under the figure.

      I’ve since come up with the idea of baking art dolls within real garden terra cotta. Some of the saucers that go underneath the garden pots are huge and one can cover the other. I’m also going to try baking tented in a roaster on a bed of fiberfil. Some doll artists report great and well cured results with that method. I could put have them sit on a bed of fiberfil in the garden terra cotta saucers too.

      Premo is one of the stronger clays, yes. I now have that, Cernit Doll Collection clay, and Puppen Fimo.


  2. Yes, a Roasting pan works very well for larger items. I have used beds of cornstarch but I haven’t yet tried fiberfill. What type is normally used? I guess I am afraid of the fibers getting into the clay.


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