Terra cotta Faces, altered molded face, by Karen A. Scofield. Commercial Maureen Carlson push molds were used.

Altering Polymer Clay Art Faces Made with Commercial Molds

I made these with terracotta colored polymer clay. Some were further decorated after this with paint, rhinestones, feathers, etc.   The above two pictures show the original Maureen Carlson‘s Amaco push mold and how I physically altered it, then stamped … Continue reading

My first full body sculpt, by Karen A. Scofield, in UltraLight Sculpey Polymer Clay.

Sculpey UltraLight Polymer Clay: My first attempt at a full body sculpt

I sculpted this WIP in 2007. Before that, I had tried to sculpt a few things (face cabs, hands, feet, runes) in clay first (my first dolls were more assemblage style) in 2005 to 2007. Only after that did I … Continue reading

Polymer Clay Lentil Swirl Beads

My first batch of polymer clay beads ever! (They were made in 2007. I’m just catching up posting a few of the things I’ve done, here on my wordpress blog.) I made my first cane (bullseye) to create these and … Continue reading

Learning to Paint. Used a Tutorial. Karen A. Scofield.

First Completed Painting in Acrylics or Watermedia

This (on the left) is my first completed painting and I made it mostly with artist grade fluid acrylics (Golden Fluid Acrylics and Da Vinci Fluid Acrylics) as well as some regular (more opaque) acrylics I’m not counting what I … Continue reading

Dry Brushing Acrylics_Liquitex Basics. Learning to dry brush with acrylics. Karen A. Scofield.

Dry Brushing in Acrylic Paint

2nd attempt. Teaching myself. Getting the hang of dry brushing in acrylic paint so I can use it in portraits and passages of paintings. Sphere is about 2″ or less. Red oxide, black, burnt umber, and white Liquitex Basics paints … Continue reading