• Polymer Clay Faux White (Crystal) Opal by Karen A. Scofield

    Polymer Clay Faux Opal Test Beads

    2 standard
  • Raised Scratch Foam Designs in Polymer Clay

    Raised Scratch Foam Polymer Clay Designs

    5 standard
  • Polymer Clay Faux Estonian Limestone 2nd Try, by Karen A. Scofield

    Polymer Clay Faux Limestone Goddess Bead

    2 standard
  • Spray Sealants for Polymer Clay

    3 standard
  • I Just Used 7 Year Old Amazing Mold Putty Successfully

    4 standard
  • Can You Condition Hard, Crumbly Polymer Clay or Should You Get New Clay?

    1 standard
  • Tutorial for 2 Inch Long Polymer Clay Goddess Beads by Karen A. Scofield

    Tutorial on How to Make Polymer Clay Goddess Beads

    8 standard
  • art doll sculpting parts stand

    Video: Adjustable Art Doll Sculpting Stand & Oven Cover

    1 standard
  • Karen A. Scofield Learning with Creager Studios Workshop DVD. Progress shot. KarenAScofield

    WIP: Sculpting with Creager Studio Workshops Sculpting the Head Volume 1

    0 standard
  • Set up to pure sculpt art dolls. Jan. 10, 2015.

    I Set up My Studio to Clay

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  • Art Dolls and Spirit Pinterest Board Includes Definitions, Tutorials, and Some of the Finer Examples.

    Pinterest Board: Art Dolls and Spirit Dolls.

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  • Review of Kraft-tex with Pictures and Notes

    1 standard
  • Molded, altered, painted, some treated to artist grade gel pens. these are some of my latest kitchen magnets I made of polymer clay. Suns and moons. Dec. 2014. Karen A. Scofield.  My photos and blog entry are copyrighted, all rights reserved.

    Made Another Batch of Molded, Altered Sun and Moon Faces

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