• Karen's Watercolor Travel Bag

    What’s in My Art Travel Bag Video

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  • Heat + Kraft-tex + Water-Soluble Oil Pastels (Cretacolor AquaStics or Neocolor IIs) + Colored Pencils?

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  • Art Journals Prepped or Made by Karen A. Scofield

    I’ve Been Making and Preparing Art Journal … What I Will and Won’t Do Again

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  • Old Masters’ Journals vs. Art Journaling (Phenomonon) Gap

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    DIY Blank Canvas Board Book to Use as an Art Journal

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  • Autodidactic Aterlier Art Training & Art Journaling

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  • Polymer Clay Faux White (Crystal) Opal by Karen A. Scofield

    Polymer Clay Faux Opal Test Beads

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  • Raised Scratch Foam Designs in Polymer Clay

    Raised Scratch Foam Polymer Clay Designs

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  • Polymer Clay Faux Estonian Limestone 2nd Try, by Karen A. Scofield

    Polymer Clay Faux Limestone Goddess Bead

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  • Spray Sealants for Polymer Clay

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  • I Just Used 7 Year Old Amazing Mold Putty Successfully

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  • Can You Condition Hard, Crumbly Polymer Clay or Should You Get New Clay?

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  • Tutorial for 2 Inch Long Polymer Clay Goddess Beads by Karen A. Scofield

    Tutorial on How to Make Polymer Clay Goddess Beads

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